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With over 35 years hospitality industry experience collectively, Rohan and Khayla Massie and Campbell Nicol pay homage to the fast-paced hospitality industry and their love for Tasmanian small businesses, suppliers and produce through Punch & Ladle.

Born and raised in the Hobart suburbs, Campbell is passionate about low impact drinks, drinks with a story, and stories whilst drinking. A childhood spent exploring the natural beauty of Tasmania has left him with a love and respect for the environment — and has driven a passion for minimising the impact of our industry whilst creating delicious drinks. After nearly a decade as a member of the Hobart hospitality scene — in venues from craft beer pubs, hyper-locavore restaurants, rocking nightclubs to premium cocktail bars — Campbell is always looking to push the boundaries of our industry.

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Working in and running some of Tasmania and Australia’s leading bars and restaurants, Rohan Massie has been a part of the hospitality industry for over 15 years. With a passion for creating unique flavours and a constant drive for knowledge it came to no surprise when Rohan stood on the World stage at the 2019 Global Angostura Cocktail Competition taking out 2nd place in representation for Australia.


Rohan is very well regarded in the industry, not only for his wealth of knowledge and cocktail creativity but, also for his love to share and train the younger generation to come.


With 12 years of hospitality experience ranging between café’s, high end restaurants and bars. Her true love for creating cocktail experiences began in London in her early 20’s. Bringing back her enthusiasm to Hobart, Khayla stamped her place alongside her husband Rohan by delivering events and ongoing creative initiatives that engaged the community to understand and to be a part of Tasmania’s leading booze industry. She has trained alongside leading industry representatives in which she has gained a wealth of knowledge for products, high end customer services and expectations. Khayla thrives on creating unforgettable experiences.

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